Welcome to PLB Extranet

This portal allows you to download files of all kinds related to PLB International’s different product lines, such as images, PDF files, videos, etc.

To connect

In order to access files, you must have the necessary rights associated with your login. Your ID information allows you to connect to your account as you access the homepage. Your ID information is composed of an email address and a password.

Forgot your password?

If you do not remember your password, you can click the link below the login box on the homepage. We will then ask you for your email and the system will send you the necessary procedures to change your password.

«FILES» section (on homepage)

You will find in this section all POS or marketing materials related to the product lines that you hold. They are divided by brand, category and subcategory. Simply follow the steps: Start by choosing a brand, then a category and finally a subcategory.
Once you have accessed a subcategory, you can:

  1. Download a file: Click on the download link that is on the right side of the file.
  2. Upload multiple files at once: Select the files you want to upload and go to the side of the page and click the icon upload a file. The files will then be compressed into a .zip file.
  3. Comment your file:  You can add a description of the file by clicking on “comments” . Please note that your comment is subject to approval from a member of the PLB team. Therefore, it is likely that you will not see it appear immediately after submitting it.

«NEWS» section

In this section you find all corporate news, in order of publication. Click on the title of the news to read the entire text.

«MY PROFILE» section

This section allows you to edit your contact information. It will now be your responsibility to update your profile with information that we use for commercial and marketing purposes. When finished editing, remember to save your changes using the button at the bottom of page.
You are now ready to use PLB Extranet!